Reisen Hier

Travelling To Canada

When travelling to Canada, a passport is necessary and kids must be registered on their parents’ passports. 
Find out if you need a visa to visit us.

Please visit the Department of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada for more information.

Bathurst Airport website 
Time estimated for the ride is 26 min (28.8 km) via NB-134 S

Greater Moncton International Airport website 
Time estimated for the ride is 2 h 32 min (220.4 km) via NB-11 N and NB-8 N

Halifax Stanfield International Airport 
Time estimated for the ride is 5 h 7 min (460.9 km) via NB-11 N

Jet Lag

In New Brunswick, they say we are one hour behind in the Maritimes (joke); we have a difference of 5 hours with Western Europe. When it’s noon in Germany, it’s 7:00 am in the Acadian Peninsula.

Electric Current

The current is set to 110-120 volts. We have American outlets, so please bring your adapter to charge your batteries.


1 Canadian dollar (CAD) is equal to approximately .75 euros.   

1 euro is equal to approximately 1,33 Canadian dollar (CAD).


Bring a back pack instead of hard suitcases as they are easier to store on the sleds. In order to keep your clothes from becoming wet, I suggest you wrap them in a sealed plastic bag (freezer bag).
Bring 3 to 5 pairs of thin silk socks, not cotton socks.
Also, bring 2 to 3 pairs of wool socks to conserve heat as well as a pair of sneakers for those nights in the camp and for the ride from the airport to our site.

During The Day

For your feet:
I will provide you with a pair of special boots for cold temperatures (I will  wear the same as you).
For your hands:
Silk or polar gloves (to work, handle the dogs and do specific gestures).
Warm mittens to wear over the gloves. Avoid wearing gloves over your silk gloves, because they will not be warm enough.
Compact heater, if your extremities get cold easily.
For your head and your neck:
Warm hat, neck warmer and hood. Avoid scarves as they are cumbersome.
I put on three layers
First layer: against the body to avoid perspiration (avoid cotton)
Second layer: conserve heat with a warm sweater and polar pants
Third layer: a big warm coat and windproof/waterproof pants

I will provide you with the third layer. You can also make arrangements for the other two layers.
LET US KNOW during booking.

For The Night

You will sleep in the camp with the dogs, in cozy beds with warm Acadian-style blankets.

For Your Eyes

REMEMBER to bring disposable lenses instead of glasses in order to avoid condensation problems. 

And REMEMBER your smoke-tinted glasses.


Personal Hygiene

Bring your personal belongings…toothpaste, toothbrush, wipes, etc.