A dog’s life

A dog’s life at the resort Sled Dog Adventures

During the year, the dogs rest for about 4 months (from mid-April to mid-August). This allows us to treat minor injuries that appear during the season.

Training starts in mid-August with ATVs that have no engines as well as good brakes and tires. Short 2 km rides per day allow the dogs to get slowly back into shape. In the fall, we start to train the dogs to calm them before the season starts.  When they see us take their harnesses out of the camp, they all want to come at the same time... me, me, me, don’t forget me!!!

We gradually increase the distance each day. Usually, when there is snow and it is time to take out the sleds, the dogs can already cover a distance of 600 to 1000 km, depending on the fall weather. In the spring, the dogs can run a distance of at least 2500 km.

During the winter, the dogs’ diet is different from the one in the summer. A high-protein, high-fat diet with supplements is essential and as important as the dogs’ training in the fall. Every musher believes in their miracle recipes... I've created my own recipe and I can see that my dogs are stronger than before during long rides. Just as us, dogs must eat many times a day!!! And they must drink a lot of water.

The greatest secret to effective dog sledding is to love, respect and trust your dogs.  Dogs must know that they have ONE master only to obey. I don’t take in adult dogs that I haven’t myself trained or seen grown up. It is easier this way, because the dog knows only my way of pack living and my requirements.

Mushers are passionate people. You can’t leave a dog in the garage like a motorcycle. They are there everyday and they depend on you during the molt, fur brushing, nail cutting, deworming, ear cleaning, mud stuck in their equipment, flies in the summer, heat rounds and much more… you have to love what you do. 

Dogs with balanced lifestyles are happy dogs. There are no bad dogs, just bad masters!


Come and live this passion with me.

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